Album Discography

Album “Back From Hell”

Run-DMC’s 5th studio album “Back from Hell” was released 1990. The 16 track album was a big change in Run-DMC’s sound as they were adopting the at this time popular R&B influenced New Jack Swing.
The only songs reminding on the “old” Run-DMC sound and style are Bob Your Head – a reggae-fied track, Word is Born and Back from Hell – which kind of continues Raising Hell in sound and title.

Track list:
01 Sucker D.J.’s
02 The Ave.
03 What’s It All About
04 Bob Your Head
05 Faces
06 Kick The Frama Lama Lama
07 Pause
08 Word Is Born
09 Back from Hell
10 Don’t Stop
11 Groove to the Sound
12 P Upon a Tree
13 Naughty
14 Livin’ in the City
15 Not Just Another Groove
16 Party Time