Album Discography

Album “Crown Royal”

Run-DMC’s 7th studio album “Crown Royal” was released 2001. It’s their latest and final album, which was released 18 month before the murder of Jam Master Jay, after which the group resigned (however there had been few live shows in 2012 and 2013 by Run & DMC with Jay’s sons as DJs).

The 12 track album features guest artists on 11 out of 12 tracks with DMC to appear on only three songs.

Track list:

01 It’s Over (feat. Jermaine Dupri)
02 Queens Day (feat. Nas, Prodigy)
03 Crown Royal
04 Them Girls (feat. Fred Durst)
05 The School of Old (feat. Kid Rock)
06 Take the Money and Run (feat. Everlast)
07 Rock Show (feat. Stephan Jenkins)
08 Here We Go 2001 (feat. Sugar Ray)
09 Ahhh (feat. Chris Davis)
10 Let’s Stay Together (Together Forever) (feat. Jagged Edge)
11 Ay Papi (feat. Fat Joe)
12 Simmons Incorporated (feat. Method Man)