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DVD “Run DMC Live at Montreux 2001” Released

On 03.04.2007 the new DVD “Run DMC Live at Montreux 2001” was released.

The DVD screens a live show Run-DMC did perform in the Stravinski Auditorium at the 35th Montreux Jazz Festival on July 20th, 2001.

The DVD comes with a nice made menu and 16 tracks in chrystal clear pictures and superb sound, but no further specials. The tracklist:
01 Intro
02 It’s Like That
03 It’s Tricky
04 Medley: – Rock Box – Sucker MC’s – Freestyle – Here We Go – Beats To The Rhyme
05 King of Rock
06 Mary Mary
07 Walk This Way
08 School Of Old
09 “Who Wants My Hat?”
10 It’s Over
11 Run’s Freestyle
12 Peter Piper
13 Down With The King
14 “Who Wants My Shirt”
15 “Who Wants My Hat” Part 2
16 Got to Be Real

Book Discography JMJ

Book “Jam Master Jay – The Heart of Hip-Hip”

In 2003 the book Jam Master Jay – The Heart of Hip-Hip [ISBN 0743476948] was published. The book was written by David E. Thigpen and tells Jay’s life story.

Album Discography

Album “Crown Royal”

Run-DMC’s 7th studio album “Crown Royal” was released 2001. It’s their latest and final album, which was released 18 month before the murder of Jam Master Jay, after which the group resigned (however there had been few live shows in 2012 and 2013 by Run & DMC with Jay’s sons as DJs).

The 12 track album features guest artists on 11 out of 12 tracks with DMC to appear on only three songs.

Track list:

01 It’s Over (feat. Jermaine Dupri)
02 Queens Day (feat. Nas, Prodigy)
03 Crown Royal
04 Them Girls (feat. Fred Durst)
05 The School of Old (feat. Kid Rock)
06 Take the Money and Run (feat. Everlast)
07 Rock Show (feat. Stephan Jenkins)
08 Here We Go 2001 (feat. Sugar Ray)
09 Ahhh (feat. Chris Davis)
10 Let’s Stay Together (Together Forever) (feat. Jagged Edge)
11 Ay Papi (feat. Fat Joe)
12 Simmons Incorporated (feat. Method Man)

Album Discography

Album “Back From Hell”

Run-DMC’s 5th studio album “Back from Hell” was released 1990. The 16 track album was a big change in Run-DMC’s sound as they were adopting the at this time popular R&B influenced New Jack Swing.
The only songs reminding on the “old” Run-DMC sound and style are Bob Your Head – a reggae-fied track, Word is Born and Back from Hell – which kind of continues Raising Hell in sound and title.

Track list:
01 Sucker D.J.’s
02 The Ave.
03 What’s It All About
04 Bob Your Head
05 Faces
06 Kick The Frama Lama Lama
07 Pause
08 Word Is Born
09 Back from Hell
10 Don’t Stop
11 Groove to the Sound
12 P Upon a Tree
13 Naughty
14 Livin’ in the City
15 Not Just Another Groove
16 Party Time

Album Discography

Album “Tougher Than Leather”

In 1988 Run-DMC released their 4th studio album “Tougher Than Leather”, the follow-up to the Raising Hell hit album.

The album continues to combine rock and rap in a lot of tracks, this time adding a noisy, dirty funkyness, just listen to “Mary, Mary”, “Tougher Than Leather” or “Miss Elaine”. The song “Raising Hell” from their Raising Hell album or “Rock Box” from their first album Run-D.M.C.,  were great as rap songs influenced by rock, but these songs took it to the next level. Run-DMC did a lot of rockish combinations on their first four records even though they are mostly credited for what they did in terms of Rap.

Track list:

01 Run’s House
02 Mary, Mary
03 They Call Us RUN-D.M.C.
04 Beats To The Rhyme
05 Radio Station
06 Papa Crazy
07 Tougher Than Leather
08 I’m Not Going Out Like That
09 How’D Ya Do It Dee
10 Miss Elaine
11 Soul To Rock And Roll
12 Ragtime

In 2005 the album was re-released with four bonus tracks:

13 Beats To The Rhyme (Instrumental)
14 Crack (Demo)
15 Christmas In Hollies
16 Penthous Ad