Feb 13

Some VH1.com Articles re JMJ’s Murder

VH1.com recently published two articles dealing with the topic of JMJ’s murder. While not revealing a lot, it looks a bit like there is some movement in the case currently, people revealing information/thoughts unheared before. So there are signs that somebody might have shot at the gun men as they were leaving the studio.

If interested, read the two articles “Jam Master Jay’s Murder: Run-DMC DJ’s Friend Randy Allen Responds To New Allegations” and “Who Shot Jam Master Jay? Were Killers Caught On Video?” at VH1.com. The latter summarises a meeting between Randy Allan (JMJ’s friend and business partner) and Marvin Thompson (JMJ’s brother).

Also interesting, the timeline VH1.com put together: “Jam Master Jay’s Murder: A Timeline And The Key Players”

Oct 30

Jam Master Jay’s Studio

In recognition of todays anniversary of JMJ’s death, MTV News got an exclusive visit to his former studio (24/7 Studio in Queens, New York).
The Queens native William “The Mayor” Pittman bought the studio with his partners Erik Jewel and female rapper Vein in January this year.
Pittman told MTV News in what bad condition he found JMJ’s studio when he got the keys earlier this year.

Read article at VH1.com

Apr 17

Police May Have Lead In Jam Master Jay Murder Investigation

VH1.com published yesterday that the Boston Herald did report that the police may have a lead in the unsolved murder of JMJ.

From VH1.com:
“According to a report in the Boston Herald, an unnamed witness has told police that Ronald “Tinard” Washington, 43, was an accessory to the murder of Jay (born Jason Mizell), who was shot to death in his Queens, New York, studio on October 30, 2002 […]. Last week, Washington was convicted of six armed robberies for holdups he committed in November 2002.”

Washington told the Boston Herald that he expects to be charged soon as an accessory in Jay murder, but denied being involved.

Read the whole article at VH1.com