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DMC’s New Solo Album 95% Done / Emmy Award for DMC?

The news section of DMC’s homepage has an interview where DMC states that he’s “95 percent done with a new solo album which he says will open a lot of eyes in hip-hop”.

Well, no release date so far, but at least it seems to get closer.

Interview at DMC’s News section – news from 20th July 2007, entitled “Tougher Than Leather”.

In other news DMC’s website informs about the Emmy Award nomination for his adoption documentary:
“DMC: My Adoption Journey” has been nominated for the 28th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards, in the category of Outstanding Arts & Culture Programming”.

Emmy Award nomination news article – news from 25th July 2007, entitled “‘DMC: My Adoption Journey’ Documentary Nominated for Emmy Award”.

DMC News

New Track on DMC’s myspace Page

Again DJ Zap had the 411. DMC has published a new track on his page. It’s called “Beef Eater”.

Listen to “Beef Eater” at

Thanks, DJ Zap!

DMC News

Busy DMC has a DMC interview (from April) where they were talking with DMC about the Montreux concert DVD and more.

DMC said he has a new solo album about 90% done, and that the album will be a completely new sound as he’s used the next kids [producers] that nobody knows about, but that have the same youthful enthusiasm that his early records did have.
He’s also mentioning that he’s three to four movies on, and that he’ll definitly promote his story on Broadway and is looking for a director and producer for that. Beside that he’s got an animated cartoon feature and an animated cartoon TV show from prime-time television in the works as well as a new book with the real story of DMC. He’d said that his first story was incomplete because of not knowing about his adoption at the time he wrote the story.

Go and read the whole interview at

Thanks to DJ ZAP for informing about these news!

DMC News

DMC Solo Album finally in Stores

DMCs first solo album “CHECKS, THUGS and ROCK ‘N ROLL” is in stores March 14th, 2006!
The 13 track album features Sarah McLachlan, Kid Rock, Doug E. Fresh, DJ Lethal, Jam Master Jay, and Gary Dourdan of CBS’ CSI.
Check for the “Just Like Me” and “Machine Gun” videos. Or visit to listen to the songs “Watchtower” and “Machine Gun”.
VH1 has a couple of new videos you might be interested as well.

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DMC’s & Run’s Websites Updated

Finally DMC got his new website. Visit to see more.
Reverend Runs website a got a major update prior to his album release.