Jun 18

Busy DMC

ign.com has a DMC interview (from April) where they were talking with DMC about the Montreux concert DVD and more.

DMC said he has a new solo album about 90% done, and that the album will be a completely new sound as he’s used the next kids [producers] that nobody knows about, but that have the same youthful enthusiasm that his early records did have.
He’s also mentioning that he’s three to four movies on, and that he’ll definitly promote his story on Broadway and is looking for a director and producer for that. Beside that he’s got an animated cartoon feature and an animated cartoon TV show from prime-time television in the works as well as a new book with the real story of DMC. He’d said that his first story was incomplete because of not knowing about his adoption at the time he wrote the story.

Go and read the whole interview at ign.com

Thanks to DJ ZAP for informing about these news!

May 29

Major Website Update

In my own account:
I’ve done a major update of my Run-DMC website (i.e. the website you’re at this very moment). Got a blog software now to make maintaining the news more convenient.
I copied some (old) news from my former Run-DMC page already, and want to migrate all historical news which go back to 1997. It’s not done yet, it’s quite some work but I’m really happy that I eventually made it to a new layout anyhow.
Also missing currently is the discography section, will come back as soon as I find some time.
Please bear with me until all the content is back.

Thx and take care,

Apr 17

Police May Have Lead In Jam Master Jay Murder Investigation

VH1.com published yesterday that the Boston Herald did report that the police may have a lead in the unsolved murder of JMJ.

From VH1.com:
“According to a report in the Boston Herald, an unnamed witness has told police that Ronald “Tinard” Washington, 43, was an accessory to the murder of Jay (born Jason Mizell), who was shot to death in his Queens, New York, studio on October 30, 2002 […]. Last week, Washington was convicted of six armed robberies for holdups he committed in November 2002.”

Washington told the Boston Herald that he expects to be charged soon as an accessory in Jay murder, but denied being involved.

Read the whole article at VH1.com