Major Website Update

In my own account:
I’ve done a major update of my Run-DMC website (i.e. the website you’re at this very moment). Got a blog software now to make maintaining the news more convenient.
I copied some (old) news from my former Run-DMC page already, and want to migrate all historical news which go back to 1997. It’s not done yet, it’s quite some work but I’m really happy that I eventually made it to a new layout anyhow.
Also missing currently is the discography section, will come back as soon as I find some time.
Please bear with me until all the content is back.

Thx and take care,

3 replies on “Major Website Update”

awesome!! but, what’ll be on the site now? rev run and dmc news? dmc has an album coming in 2007!

On the site will be any news about Rev Run, DMC, JMJ, and of course Run-DMC I can get hold of.

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