Album Discography

Compilation Album “Krush Groove” Soundtrack

The compilation album Krush Groove was the soundtrack to the Krush Groove film. Run-DMC appeared on this soundtrack as part of the Krush-Groove All-Stars and their song “Krush Groovin'”.

01 Chaka Khan – (Krush Groove) Can’t Stop The Street
02 LL Cool J – I Can’t Live Without My Radio
03 Kurtis Blow – If I Ruled the World
04 Fat Boys – All You Can Eat
05 Debbie Harry – Feel the Spin
06 Sheila E. – Holly Rock
07 Beastie Boys – She’s on It
08 Gap Band – Love Triangle
09 Force MD’s – Tender Love
10 Krush Groove All-Stars (Run-D.M.C., Sheila E., Kurtis Blow, Fat Boys) – Krush Groovin’