Re-released Album & New Official Run-DMC Website

There is a new official Run-DMC home, peek
The page advertises mainly the re-released first four Run-DMC albums, plus some media, including two long Run-DMC megamixes. Plus some nice photos.

The re-released album feature the following bonus tracks additional to the original versions of these albums:


  • Rock Box [B-Boy Mix]
  • Here We Go [Live at the Funhouse]
  • Sucker M.C.’s [Live]
  • Russell & Larry Running at the Mouth

King of Rock

  • Slow and Low [Demo version]
  • Together Forever [Krush-Groove 4 – Live]
  • Jam-Master Jammin’ [Long Version, Remix]
  • King of Rock [Live, from Live Aid]

Raising Hell

  • My Adidas [A Capella version]
  • Walk This Way [Demo version]
  • Lord of Lyrics [Demo version]
  • Raising Hell Radio Tour Spot
  • Live at the Apollo Raw Vocal Commercial

Tougher Than Leather

  • Beats to the Rhyme [Instrumental]
  • Crack [Demo]
  • Christmas in Hollis
  • Penthouse Ad